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Guide Start To Finish On Making/Converting Movies

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Terms to know before reading:

DVDRip --> Perfect/Good Quality Ripped Directly from DVD
Telesync ---> Synced with advanced technology to record movies in Theaters, OK Quality
CAM ---> Poor Quality Amateur video camera in theater.
Upload ---> Moving a file from your PC to an internet server.
Download ---> Moving a file from an internet server to your PC.
Flashget ---> An advanced download manager available at flashget.com

Welcome to this tutorial. I'm Kenny, a moderator of the Movies forum on PPCWarez. This tutorial is targeted towards new users, new releasers, and people who can't seem to make a quality release (AKA: n00bs) Smile.

Anyways. Simply follow the instructions in the text and take a look at the screenshots.

Step 1: Finding and Downloading FULL Movies:

1. You can find movies on many warez sites on the internet. Here are three ways of downloading movies off of the internet.
- Warez Sites
PhazeDDL.com, ProjectW.org, etc.
- Torrenting
Download BitTorrent/Azureus and download .torrent files off of TorrentSpy.com.
- Limewire, Bearshare, etc.
This is the WORST way to download movies, but if you must, you can get movies off of various file-sharing clients.

2. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will find a movie from ProjectW.org. Download it. And release it. Here is how:
- First, go to projectw.org.
- Make a username and activate your user.
- Now, go to the "Movies" forum. Select a movie listing that looks good.

- Find the supplied links given by the movie releasers. I suggest looking at the last few pages of the topic, for the best quality.

- Use Flashget -flashget.com- to download the movie fast, assuming you have a direct download link. If not, you cannot use flashget and must use your browser. Simply open flashget, press Ctrl+C to copy all your links, then a flashget window should pop up, add in your settings, and make sure to split the file into 10 parts and enter in your login information.

- It is most easy to download movies with a Rapidshare.com Premium Account. If you cannot get one, you can release 12 movies and become a Major Movie Uploader. Major Movie Uploaders have access to our new RapidShare Premium tool.

- When the download is done, or at 100%. Proceed to the next step, converting.

Step 2: Converting and Compressing Movies For Pocket-PC:

1. You can compress movies with many tools, but I've found Omniquiti Lathe 1.5 to far surpass ANY tool. Please use this tool.
- Go to ppcwarez.org
- Click "Search" in the top left.
- Search for "Lathe" in Category: Software Releases by Category>>PC
- Click on "Ominquiti Lathe 1.5"
- Find a suitable download link and download this tool.

2. Use Omniquiti Lathe to convert the movie to a PPC file.
- Open the application (Lathe). Shown ABOVE.
- Choose an input file, by clicking the folder. ( This will be the movie you downloaded and extracted. )

- Choose an output file by clicking the folder below it.
Name your file this:
Movie Title - PPC - YourPPCWAREZNAME.avi
- Go down to the Pocket PC one.
- Click it, and make sure the middle one... (PORTRAIT) is selected, or else your movie will come out backwards.

- Now, go back to "BASIC"
- Click the audio quality till it is at six. *(DO NOT LOWER THIS EVER)*
- Now, click the video quality to these standards (refer to terms at very top):
So, the quality settings depend on your runtime, original DVD quality, age of the movie... so here:

1 hour to 1 hour 30 min, DVDRip from 1990's and beyond: 280-300 MB
1:30 to 2:00, DVDRIP from 1990's and beyond: 305-360 MB
Above 2:00, DVDRIP, 1990+: 320-375 MB
the tutorial is simple but well done
Older Movies:
1:00 to 1:30 DVDRIP --- 300-320 MB
etc. ---> On old movies raise quality about 20 MB
BRAND New movies:
CAM --> 335-350 MB
CAM-VCD --> 330-340 MB
TELESYNC --> 320-340 (Varies) MB
Judge MORE or LESS Megabytes based on the runtimes, etc.

- Now, you can preview the video quality by clicking PREVIEW. I suggest doing this. Your quality should be GREAT. This is the main reason why I created this tutorial. There are too many poor quality releases.
- Now, resize your video. Many people have different preferences on this, whether full screen (cut off some of the sides) or widescreen. I use my own "Compromise" settings, called ---> Mid-Screen.
- This is a bit hard to do. Click Resize. Now, I usually click the 320-setting over to the right until the right side says 200-206.



- Notice that the video playing in this sizing tool is NOT accurate to what the quality will be like. The only way to preview the quality is by clicking preview.
- Make sure 2-PASS Encoding is CHECKED.
- Click APPLY
- Now, you're basically done. Just press START.
- After encoding is TOTALLY done, continue to the third step.

Step 3: Uploading PPC Movies:

1. You can upload movies on MANY upload sites. I suggest:
- www.motoxtremehosting.com
2. Upload your movie.
- Upload your movie, when its done, grab the link and post! :target: