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Hexacto's Lemonade Inc.

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Hexacto's Lemonade Inc.
Requirements: Windows CE 3.X Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC 2002 1.5 MB of Storage Memory and 6 MB of Program Memory
Overview: Build your own lemonade empire! JAMDAT introduces its first business simulation: Lemonade Tycoon

* 5 maps with different characteristics and attributes.
* Multiple customer types with distinctive personalities.
* Two modes: Open-ended Career Mode or 30 days Challenge Mode.
* Three lemonade stands with tons of equipment and upgrade possibilities * Complex game system based on realistic parameters allowing the player to choose his own business strategy providing close to infinite re-playability.
*Watch and compare your company results and value on the LSX
(Lemonade Stock Exchange).
* And lots of other cool features!

Aimed at casual gamers of all ages, Lemonade Tycoon features intelligent gameplay, colorful animated graphics and a humorous twist that will have you coming back for more!

Always wanted to test your entrepreneurial skills? With Lemonade Tycoon, you're in business! It's a well known fact: even the simplest ideas can become very lucrative. In Lemonade Tycoon you have the chance turn a kid's game into a serious and profitable enterprise.

You start with a small lemonade stand and a few dollars in your pocket. Check the latest weather forecast and try to pick the best location for your stand, tweak your lemonade recipe, set your price and manage your inventory. Re-invest your profits and streamline your production methods to earn the best margins out of every workday. Make the wrong decisions and you'll be on your way to bankruptcy faster than you think? Make the good ones, and you just might take your business to the top!

And that's only part of the challenge! Use JAMDAT ScoreCasttm technology to post your Results on the Lemonade Stock Exchangetm.

The Lemonade Stock Exchange is where you can see the Market Capitalization of your lemonade business, and compare it with that of the top players worldwide. Find out if you rank amongst Best Businesses, Blue Chips or Hot New Businesses.

Pocket PC Life
"Lemonade Inc. from Hexacto is once again a full serving of excitement. Lemonade Inc. does a beautiful job of preserving what made the original game great while adding new features that expand on the running a business theme. 5 STARS - A Must Have!"