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Add-venture v1.85

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Add-venture v1.85
Requirements: PocketPC2002, WM2003/SE or WM 5.0 device equipped with ARM CPU (StrongARM or XScale). Recommended CPU speed is 200MHz or higher. It will require 5MB of storage space and about 4MB of free memory to run.
Overview: Add-Venture is a Pocket PC game based on popular board game Risk. The main goal is to beat the other players and to conquer the whole world as you outsmart the enemies using your strategic skills and your luck. Your opponents will be controlled by computer or by your friends and will try to do the same as you - make important strategic decisions that will affect other players next move.

Basic Rules
The game is played in turns and each turn you will receive a certain number of new soldiers that will have to be placed to your lands in the map.

When you start a new game each player will get lands in random order. There are 42 lands in the game's world map and they will be evenly assigned among all players.

More Info:

Download Instructions: Dl from http://rapidshare.com/files/26078020/Add-venture1.85FullFallenSupasta.rar.html
Pass: FallenSupaSta
Full, install and enjoy