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We Are Currently Looking For Staff To Help Us Out With The Site. If You Are Interested Please
Send A PM To Either PuertoBlack2003 And Iamdasht19 With The Position (Uploader, Moderator, Or Admin) And We Will Tel You What Is Required Of You With The Position You Choose. Also Anyonwe Who Applies For Admin Must Have Prior Experience And Be Able To Prove Also. You Can Prove To Us That You Would Make A Great Staff Member By Posting Good Stuff At A Consistant Basis. ( I Understand There Are Slow Days Too.) Thanks
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Yo guys still looking to hire some staff here at JackAllTrade. you of course need to be trustworthy and can't clone the board somewhere else. and you need to check in on a regular basis and be active on top of the things that were mentioned below. Come on everyone let make this the best phone forum out there....... Myself and Puertoblack can't make it all happen by ourselves.... well at least not quickly. Be part of the smartphone revolution and make it here at JackAllTrade. Thanks I/\MD/\SHT19
PLEASE READ THE BELOW POSTS!!!!!! on top of hiring admin, moderators, ringtone uploaders, program uploaders, i did some thinking on what could makethis site even better???? well i came up with the idea of making a new position. What might that position be you ask??? well i was thinking that people into cracking programs need to be recognized as something but an uploader. so there is also 2-4 positions open for people that know how to crack programs.... Come on guys the dream of becoming staff at a mobile forum can come true. prove to us that you are worthy of the position and can fullfill the requirements and you WILL be part of the next big worlwide forum guarnteed!!!!!! Best Regards and lets see the applications flying into my PM BOX. Bubba
Once again PLEASE READ THE POSTS BELOW!!!! as i said before we will be hiring 1 More Admin, 2 mods and 2 uploaders for each the Symbian, Iden, Palm Treo, PPC, Smartphone, Blackberryand PC Applications sections. What i would also like to have staff wise would be 2-4 E-book uploaders and 2 more ringtone uploaders. So if anyone is interested in these positions feel free to PM me or Puertoblack2003 an application on why you feel you would be a great hoice for that position. And once again no experience is needed for any of the jobs except the admin position where you will need to prove to us that you have had prior admin experience in the VB field. That is all and good luck DONE.|
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