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PhonePlus III for WM5 OS

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PhonePlus III for WM5 OS
Requirements: WM2003(SE), WM5
PhonePlus III is featuring predictive text technology. by just pressing the first 2 or 3 letters of a name you can reach any contact number you have in memory and dial it in a press of a button.

* PhonePlus uses a smart predictive text search - with max of 3-4 clicks on the screen you can dial your contact.
* Using the GREEN send key to launch and dial using PhonePlus.
* NEW - SMS feature for sending short messeges to phone numbers and contacts.
* NEW - Languages support and easy switching between them for almost any language.
* PhonePlus has big num pad for dialing with your fingers instead of pulling your stylus out!
* Dial a direct number who doesnt show in your contact list, just like in a regular cellular phone.
* Dial your favourite contact using a photo.
* Up to 99 cosumizable SpeedDial and PhotoDial location for immediate dialing.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Unpack the archive with winrar. Further instructions are in the nfo files inside the archive.