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  1. phillyfinest369

    vBulletin 6.0.2 is now available for download

    <h1>vBulletin 6.0.2 Changes and Updates</h1> <p>vBulletin 6.0.2 is now available for Self-Hosted/Download Customers. vBulletin Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded soon.</p> <h2>Front End Changes</h2> <h3>New Layout Added</h3> <p>Administrators can now build pages with the new 50/50...
  2. phillyfinest369

    Get vBulletin Cloud for a penny!

    Now through January 1st, we are making vB Cloud subscriptions available with the first month costing only $0.01! This discount applies to all new Gold, Silver and Bronze monthly subscriptions. This is a great way to start a new vB Cloud site and see if it meets your needs. You can cancel at...
  3. phillyfinest369

    $30 OFF vBulletin Licenses

    We are currently running a promotion on the downloaded version of vBulletin 6. Now through January 1st, you can enjoy $30 off new self-hosted vBulletin licenses. To obtain your discount, simply go to vBulletin.com and when checking out use coupon code: 30PROMO2023 for $30 off new self-hosted...
  4. phillyfinest369

    vBulletin 6.0.2 Preview Release Available

    <h1>vBulletin 6.0.2 Changes and Updates</h1> <p>A preview release of vBulletin 6.0.2 is not available for download and testing.</p> <h2>Front End Changes</h2> <h3>New Layout Added</h3> <p>Administrators can now build pages with the new 50/50 layout.</p> [/URL] <h3>Reactions</h3> <p>New...
  5. phillyfinest369

    vBulletin 6.0.1 is available for download.

    <p>vBulletin 6.0.1 is now availabnle for Self-Hosted/Download Customers. This release contains a security fix for BB Code Rendering and it is recommended that customers upgrade as soon as possible. vBulletin Cloud customers have already been patched against this issue and will be upgraded...
  6. phillyfinest369

    Security Patch Released for vBulletin 6.0.0 and 5.7.5

    <p>A security issue has been found in the AdminCP log in functionality of vBulletin 6.0.0 and 5.7.5. This security patch addresses the concerns outlined in <a href="https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2023-39777">CVE-2023-39777</a>. We have created a fix for the issue.</p> <p>It is recommended...
  7. phillyfinest369

    vBulletin 6.0.1 Preview Release Available.

    This update is available for testing on Self-Hosted vBulletin Sites. <h2>Front End Changes</h2> <h3>Who Reacted</h3> <p>Users can now see who reacted to a post by hovering or long-pressing the reaction. A popup will list everyone who reacted.</p> <h2>One-Click Unsubscribe</h2> <p>Outgoing...
  8. phillyfinest369

    Security Patch for vBulletin 5.7.5 Released

    <p>This patch solves three issues: how the system detects PHAR files, a potential security issue in BBCode rendering, and a problem with inviting members to a Blog.</p> <p>Self-hosted customers should apply this patch as soon as possible. Follow these instructions to install this patch:</p> <ol>...
  9. phillyfinest369

    A Fast Reliable and Proven Setup Apache PHP MySQL

    A Fast, Reliable and Proven Setup :: Apache PHP MySQL from Apachelounge One of the biggest topics here at Apache Lounge is running PHP on Apache. It is a topic that is constant and for some reason often confused. Confused namely by varying ways to accomplish the same thing. The following has...
  10. New Flor Sem Tempo (2023)

    Title: Flor Sem Tempo Genre: Drama,Soap Creator: Inês Gomes Cast: Bárbara Branco,Albano Jerónimo,Maria João Bastos,Rita Blanco,Joana Aguiar,Dânia Neto,Francisco Froes,Bruna Quintas,Joana Santos,Fernando Luís,João Maria Maneira,Diogo Amaral,Alexandra Lencastre,Luís Ganito,Marina...
  11. phillyfinest369

    Announcing the vBulletin 6.0.0 Release Candidate

    <p>We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate version of vBulletin 6, which is available for preview as the powering version of this forum. More details on the availability of the final version will be announced in the upcoming weeks.</p> <h1>Changes and Updates in vBulletin 6.0.0</h1>...
  12. FreeDNS

    New FreeDNS

    The site FreeDNS began in 2001 because founder Joshua Anderson wanted to have fun with his domain hobby. He wanted to create a safe environment where other programmers could sharedomain names with one another at no cost, starting with friends.With that in mind, he launched the site from his...
  13. JackAllTrade


    JackAllTrade is a community dedicated to the discussions and collaboration of growing your own online community, advertising it, and earning some cash from it. .
  14. Superman & Lois (2021)

    Title: Superman & Lois Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama Creator: Greg Berlanti,Todd Helbing Cast: Tyler Hoechlin,Elizabeth Tulloch,Alex Garfin,Michael Bishop,Erik Valdez,Inde Navarrette,Wolé Parks,Tayler Buck,Sofia Hasmik,Chad L. Coleman,Dylan Walsh,Emmanuelle Chriqui First aired: Feb...
  15. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018)

    Title: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,War & Politics Creator: Carlton Cuse,Graham Roland Cast: John Krasinski,Wendell Pierce,Abbie Cornish,Okieriete Onaodowan,Louis Ozawa,Zuleikha Robinson,Ryn Greenwell,Michael Peña,Betty Gabriel,Michael Kelly First aired: Aug...
  16. Snog XenForo Mods Add-ons

    Snog XenForo Mods Add-ons

    XenForo Addons Premium and free XenForo 2 Add-ons
  17. Scamalytics


    Scamalytics provide security products to businesses, to help them detect and prevent fraud. Our products work at two different levels: We detect high-risk connections to your online services, in the form of an IP fraud score for each IP address, which you can check...
  18. phillyfinest369

    Link directory comment by 'phillyfinest369' in item 'Free DNS Hosting'

    been with afraid for a very long time and a continue supporter, its perfect for I need at a reasonable cost.
  19. No-IP


    We manage your DNS more efficiently No-IP’s mission is to create secure, reliable and powerful solutions customers across the globe can utilize to connect, manage and interact with their internet connected devices. We strive to provide customers with solutions that are simple...