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11 May 2023
  • Core:
    • Fix inconsistent float negation in constant expressions.
    • Fixed bug GH-8841 (php-cli core dump calling a badly formed function).
    • Fixed bug GH-10737 (PHP 8.1.16 segfaults on line 597 of sapi/apache2handler/sapi_apache2.c).
    • Fixed bug GH-11028 (Heap Buffer Overflow in zval_undefined_cv.).
    • Fixed bug GH-11108 (Incorrect CG(memoize_mode) state after bailout in ??=).
  • Date:
    • Fixed bug where the diff() method would not return the right result around DST changeover for date/times associated with a timezone identifier.
    • Fixed out-of-range bug when converting to/from around the LONG_MIN unix timestamp.
  • DOM:
    • Fixed bug #80602 (Segfault when using DOMChildNode::before()).
    • Fixed incorrect error handling in dom_zvals_to_fragment().
  • Exif:
    • Fixed bug GH-9397 (exif read : warnings and errors : Potentially invalid endianess, Illegal IFD size and Undefined index).
  • Intl:
    • Fixed bug GH-11071 (TZData version not displayed anymore).
  • PCRE:
    • Fixed bug GH-10968 (Segfault in preg_replace_callback_array()).
  • Reflection:
    • Fixed bug GH-10983 (State-dependant segfault in ReflectionObject::getProperties).
  • SPL:
    • Handle indirect zvals and use up-to-date properties in SplFixedArray::__serialize.
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug GH-10990 (mail() throws TypeError after iterating over $additional_headers array by reference).
    • Fixed bug GH-9775 (Duplicates returned by array_unique when using enums).
  • Streams:
    • Fixed bug GH-10406 (feof() behavior change for UNIX based socket resources).
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