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  • Hey bro.......had not seen you for awhile, so i thought i would drop a quick note....havent spent much time on the board, so been kinda playing catch as catch can.....hopefully youre doin well and had a good 4th! Best wishes bro!
    Yeah bro...I had to have my username fixed because when I started with SPJ I was in a hurry and just set up my account real quick, but been wanting to change it forever now. ON3/\L is my last name and it's a long story, but my last name is who I am and what I represent. I'm the last one left to carry the name on in my fam. I was named after my dad so I'm a jr, and I have lost my dad, uncle, gpa and gma and they were my life and that name is carried on through me now. It's deeper than that but I dnt need to bore you with it all. I'm very happy D/\sh hooked me up and fixed it for me! Thanks for noticing though...I kept my avatar for now so maybe people would catch on and realize it's me ya knw. So where ya been man?
    Haha thnx for visit bro. Man I need to step my game up, my profile is lame as hell..But yeah this site rocks and I will sometimes be looking for 1 thing and end up doing 20 other things before I realize I'm lost somewhere deep into SPJ and I force myself to ****ing go to bed..I'm not complaining, shits just crazy and funny at the same time, lol. ****ing this site gave me ADD like a *****, lol. I've learned a lot from this site alone..like a sponge every time I come here I just soak up tons of knowledge and sometimes find myself w tons of questions, lol. Ahh shit. . .well I'm gonna hit the sack bro, gotta get up in a couple hours..sorry for the delay, I just noticed I had a message. Peace..
    hey buddy what's up? actually my bike is out of commission right now. i think it as a short somewhere. i'm really bummed out about the whole thing because there's been real nice down here in san antonio. how about yourself? been riding?
    Thanks for the encouragement bro....Unfortunately all i see is the dark side of life when I am at work......man's inhumanity to man........the depravity of drugs.....ugh......no worries tho....every morning is a new start
    Thanks bro...i keep hoping so......he is starting to get the picture, but damn...being a single dad with no help or support from his mother (she cant see them without supervision) is daunting and i know that he carries things that are not his problem....damn..now im depressing myself
    LOL.......well ya know I would love to have another baby or 2, wont be happening in my life, but i will say that i do have a tinge of envy....unfortunately my 10 year old is alot like alot of 13 year olds.....i have alot ofwork to do with him....made some mistakes as he was growing up, but trying to get a handle on things now.....
    We are doing pretty ok.....huge amounts of stress lately......having some problems with my 10 year old, but working through them......my youngest is fabulous! The GF is good...so i really can't complain at all....just looking forward to when I can have some rest and relaxation! A few days in Vegas would be nice!
    Hey bro...im smooth.....just been an incredibly long couple of weeks....yesterday turned into today was a 24 hour workday.....How you and the Mrs. and Jr.?
    dude...gotta say that i love your "vampire" chick in your sig.......What can i say, i got a thing for vampires!
    WOW!!!! You get to sleep???????? I have heard stories about that....sounds like something I should learn to do!
    Hey Bro...sorry i havent gotten you any more Star Wars themes....I will have to get back on that and get creative....
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