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  • yea brotha i like that.I thought you would go with the eagles look hahahahah nice nice you can also add this to your blog area
    LOL luckily i am in a position where pretty much i can tell mine to! The joys of being old and no where else that they can put me! actually my chain is filled with some really good people, so i have absolutely no room to complain
    Hey whattup bro? howz the City treatin you? Things around here are always different....hate my current assignment, but hey, they pay me well to tell me what to do......
    No support questions on my pofile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im just like the guy under me im new & i have the same phone as you
    &i would like to have help
    hey superman...im kinda new to this whole thing..and ive seen most of your videos on youtube, and i must say all the themes ive seen are pretty sick...im looking to update the rom for my TP and im kinda slow so not to be a pain but can u help me. Please!!!
    yo i really need help i hav the htc touch with the standard app. on it i would like 2 change it 2 the superman one can u help me, i knw nothing about this website i jus joined yesterday so i dnt really knw much. i do knw i hav zip on my ohne with only the standard app so yea plz help me plz
    I was wondering could u possibly make me a gundam theme for my new htc touch pro...I would really appreciate it
    hey sup hows it going i have a coulple questions for u about the htc touch pro write back at salvatruco17@yahoo.com
    Hello, I was referred to you by Mike D. I have a sprint touch Diamond and was looking for a decent TF3D poker theme. The only one that I have seen so far is the one from Zitoun http://nsa03.casimages.com/img/2008/12/11/081211104240887139.jpg I have no problem paying for your work as I can imagine how long TF3D themes must take to develop. You can reach me on smartphonejunkie under mazimi my name is MIke. Please let me know if you are able to put a theme like this together it doesnt have to be just like it I trust your creativity. Something that has green felt and cards,. and $$. You can also email me at mazimi777@gmail.com.
    hey whats up. i am new to the site and want to know how to do get the rom u had in your you-tube vid and look at different themes. any help would be great. Thanks!
    whats up dude I saw your vid on youtube I have that phone I left u a mssge yesterday.. just want to know how to change my phone to do some of the thing I saw in the vid..I registerd with SPJ but dnt know how to navigate through the site NEED HELP my user name is BATES
    No support on my profile!!! No more warnings!!!! Infractions will be issued for all offenses in the future!!!!
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