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  • hey bro i also have a question for you!! lol
    i know im not suppose to pm you nor ask question in the visitor massage but im having trouble with my new windows 7!!! so you know how i can get the "CircleDock" in windows 7 i cant find it or is that a pug-in that i have to download??? i found one but it the "CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2" which i simply a mimic i want to use the realone the one that comes with windows 7!! lol thanks bro and sorry once again!!
    LOL thanks for helping me out there. First time posting App's like that did a search for them didnt see anything.
    Happy birthday to IT!
    Even though I don't give a s-h-i-t.
    It's nice to wish people happy birthday.
    So what the hell should I say. lol JK!!!! BRO!!! THANKS MAN FOR ALL HELP!!! WITH OUT YOU MAN THIS WEB PAGE WOULD BE SHIT!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!! BRO!!â™ â™ â™ 
    oh YA! and this wm6.5 is just awesome and I couldn't image going back to 6.1 now. LOL it will be nice when doing custom icons for all the tabs is a little easier
    Hey WEESJE whats up??? I just what to thank you for your hard work and help bro!!! I gratefully Thank you!!! you have helped me in so much thanks man!!!
    hey bro just wanted to swing by and say thanks for all the great apps (ppc & pc) instead of just hitn the thanks button all the time. LOL
    hi there weesje!! how are you doing today? hopefully you are doing great! :) i was just wondering...what language do you speak???
    Hey wees, did you get my post about us handling the PC Game request thread? I want to open it back up, but I might need help to keep up with the requests. Let me know:)
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