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OJ Simpson Arrested For Breaking Parole | Full Episode | Jail TV Show

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Jun 2, 2023 at 10:30 AM
Posted by phillyfinest369
In Las Vegas, NV, OJ Simpson is brought in following a parole violation, and a man is charged with burglary after losing all of his money gambling.
In Tulsa, OK, a suspect is charged with public intoxication. In Hillsboro, OR, officers have to clean up a suspect's mess.

▪️ JAIL Season 1 - Episode 17

This episode was filmed in 2007.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: https://www.lvmpd.com
Tulsa County Sheriff's Office: https://tcso.org/
Tulsa Police Department: https://www.tulsapolice.org/
Washington County Sheriff's Office: https://www.washingtoncountyor.gov/sheriff

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This is the official JAIL TV series YouTube channel. JAIL gives viewers a front-row seat as recently arrested suspects face entry into the criminal justice system. These episodes follow real experiences, challenges, and the pressures that officers face dealing with a variety of unpredictable inmates and situations.

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